We are recruiting volunteers to participate in the bruise study. Data will be collected in-person in our Lab on Mason’s Fairfax campus. Please fill in the Online Questionnaire so that we can set a time.

You can take a look at the previous flyer here.

We hope this important project inspires you to consider supporting our bruise detection work by making a gift. Your private philanthropy will give the team the needed funding to transform this innovative research into a scalable tool that can support victims of violence. All levels of support are valued and needed.

Please contact the investigators, Katherine Scafide (kscafide@gmu.edu), David Lattanzi (dlattanz@gmu.edu), or Janusz Wojtusiak (jwojtusi@gmu.edu) to discuss where donations can make the most impact. You can also schedule a time to speak with the investigators by contacting our operations manager, Jessica Teselle (jteselle@gmu.edu). Many aspects of the work can be supported. We are happy to discuss how donations can make a difference in what we do.

If you are willing to join our lead philanthropist in improving outcomes for victims of violence, please get in touch with the GMU Associate Vice President for Development, Adam Bart at abart@gmu.edu or (703) 993 – 8764. Please note that beyond cash gifts, Mason can receive gifts of stock, gifts from donor-advised funds, cryptocurrency, and bequests.


We are partnering with forensic medical units and hospitals on a large-scale data collection. These efforts include both extraction of retrospective de-identified image and medical data, and prospective data collection. Partnerships are key to the success of this project and building tools that can support clinical practice.

Health systems and forensic units who want to collaborate on various aspects of the project, including data collection, please contact Dr. Katherine Scafide at kscafide@gmu.edu.